Friday, 19 November 2010

Union Holland Flamingo 22 Vintage Bicycle Logos

So here's another dose of some vintage bicycle logos for you. Ironically for being in Barcelona at the moment, here's a dutch city bike! Made by Union Holland (I think) and called the Flamingo 22 it's a pretty standard small wheeled city shopper bike, but with some standard pretty graphics and bike logos.

Unionised bicycle production is the best bicycle production.

It's been maintained by the Vakhandel Service! Who for their love of spark plugs, are perhaps not the most appropriate people for the job.

Sweet little detail on the 20 inch fenders.

A little Dutch bike in Barcelona!


  1. Hello Lawrence!

    I'm amazed.... That's my bike the you took these fotos of! I was just searching in the Internet for a new bike wheel, because I broke mine last week. It turned out to be really difficult to find pieces of this model in Barcelona. So I decided to search online.... and there it is. First page that appeared looking for a Flamingo 22. My bike standing in the street in front of my office in Barcelona :))).
    The secret of how that bike came to Barcelona is as follows: Six years ago I spent a year studying in Delft, Netherlands. There I bought my bike second hand. I fell in love with a guy from Barcelona and moved here.... of cause the bike came with me.

    Greetings, Anne

    1. Anne, do you still have the bike? I have the same bike and brought from holland to barcelona. do you know which date it originates from?

  2. Hello Anne!

    How brilliant to hear the story behind the bike! Thanks for sharing that.

    Good luck with trying to find a new wheel!


  3. Hey Anne and Lawrence I have the same bike too :) and i Live in Barcelona since September. brought the bike from Eindhoven, Holland with me. It is so nice to hear that someone has this oldschool bike too. for me it is a passion. but now my steering wheel has a crack after an incident on the road so I need to find a new one. Do you know any place that I can go to for maintenance? Anne: do you still keep your bike? if yes, let us meet with our bikes and grab a photo. cheers. Emre