Friday, 12 November 2010

Carlton Racer is 'Race Proved' and proud

This is a vintage Carlton racing bike that I spotted on the streets of Nottingham. But now you're going to need to click on the picture below.
That's because it's rad. It's a really really great little logo. This Carlton is 'RACE PROVED' and it is proud, as it should be, about it. Awesome.

Throw in some classic lettering on the down tube.
A busy little headbadge.

Some little finishing touches like this cool little 'C' logo'd seat post clamp bolt, and the elegant brake cable mount, and then you've got a super stylish vintage racing bike. Bike designers take note, this is how it's done.


  1. I love all the decals, logo's and lettering that you find on bikes and show to the rest of us. I wonder about all of those unsung hero artists that used to be hired by the bike firms to make these designs - what happened to them? What a nice niche they had to create their art, and most people probably never even noticed as this was the norm back then!!

  2. It looks like a Carlton Corsa. I have just restored one of these to as new condition and really enjoyed sourcing the parts spraying it etc. It looks fantastic, and your right they don't make them like this anymore

  3. I found and restored a wonderful 1968 Carlton Competition. Purchased from the origianl owner at a garage sale in San Francisco.