Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Peugeot Mirage in Barcelona

More from Barcelona! Here's a good old vintage Peugeot for you to sink your teeth into! The Peugeot Mirage.
Looks like it's been subtly modified by the owner, with a few stickers here and there.
Like these!
But the great old vintage bike logos are still there shining brightly in the Spanish sun. Also note the strangely square back tyre, very odd. A good old Peugeot bicycle anyway though.


  1. I don't understand - what's wrong with the rear tire?

  2. I thought it looked quite square. In the last picture the contact patch with the road is flat with two angled patched before the sidewall proper. I'm used to a rounder tyre!

  3. I recently purchased a Peugot Safari SE hybrid bike for a few bucks. Unfortunately, through online research, I was unable to identify the year in which it was made to determine its real value. The tube decals and stampings tell me nothing. Any suggestions?

  4. It's a very difficult trick to identify when a particular bike is from unfortunately.
    As a general rule of thumb though the only bikes that really hold a good value are higher end racing bikes.
    Peugeots' are better than others though, but I'd guess the main question is how your bike looks. If it's a stylish retro thing, you may be in luck, but otherwise just enjoy it for what it is.