Monday, 15 November 2010

Bicycle Safari is Bound for Barcelona

In the spirit of the Bicycle Safari, it's no good sitting around waiting for bicycles to come to you. So for the last week the Bicycle Safari equipment has been packed into steamer trunks, we've donned our pith helmets and jetted off to Barcelona to bring you a slice of bicycle culture from a another fruit of the world.
It's a great place!

What's more is the prevalence of cycling as a form of transport means there's plenty of interesting and destroyed bicycles sitting around on the street corners. It's interesting the motorcycles are also very popular though, so I do wonder if there's a upward scale people go through in life from their bicycle, to a scooter towards their goal of a litre class motorbike.

But's lets start this Barcelona special the way we will continue. Here's an awesome bicycle side car being used to ferry a presumably blind dog around! Never heard of the Amadeu brand before, but then I've never actually seen a bicycle side car before either. Massive problems in terms of cornering, rolling resistance and being as wide as a small car, I presume. But offset nicely by just how cool this colour coordinated outfit looks. Great stuff

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