Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Premierelle Line Peugeot Logos

Peugeot bicycles are always popular here on The Bicycle Safari. Usually because they have some super nice feature like this unbelievably pink Peugeot from a few weeks back, or this light green Peugeot with a tiny little front rack that I spotted in Sweden one time.
Back in Nottingham, this black Peugeot popped up at one of my usual haunts.

It's the Premierelle! Erm, which is nice! Well at least they wrote it in a nice way.

Actually they also made it in a nice way, with their new 'Peugeot Direct Brazing System'! Which as you can see, does actually make for some nice tube joins. I guess this is Peugeot making a bold step away from the world of lugged bicycle frames.

And stepping closer to some funky 1980's graphics.

A Peugeot Premierelle. Have a click here to see the rest of the Peugeot bikes that have been collected here on The Bicycle Safari.

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  1. i like the Peugeot road bike design. its pretty cool!

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