Monday, 8 November 2010

Locking bicycle fork

I've seen one or two of these around before, but not taken a picture of them. I presume there's some kind of flaw to their design that makes them massively dangerous.
But if there isn't, they do seem a smart way to lock a front wheel. Perhaps eliminating the need to carry two locks with you.
Quite a neat bicycle overall.


  1. I have this kind of lock on my old Raleigh, it doesn't lock the wheel but fork, it means that you can't ride straight if you lock it in turn position. That's a handy thing because nobody can ride your bicycle even if chain was cut.

  2. Ah ha! That makes sense. I guess with how unusual they are, you might find someone cuts your lock before they realise they can't ride away!

  3. really great! Here in Japan almost all bikes are equipped with the rear wheel lock, but this integrated front feature is pretty cool!

  4. I see some new bikes with internal gearing which have a normal rear wheel ring lock mounted behind the fork blades. I suppose the idea is that since the rear wheel is slightly more difficult to take off than the front it makes more sense here, but not sure.