Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Moulton and Land Rover collaboration

Ok well maybe not a full on collaboration, but a little more in the cooperative spirit than the Bugatti and Pininfarina rip offs, that I've posted before. Land Rover has licensed their brand for use on bicycle quite a lot, but I hadn't heard of a Land Rover Moulton before I stumbled across this one in Nottingham.
The design of Moultons' is brilliant, the amount of thought that went into them was fantastic. Anyone interested in the work behind them should really take a look at this lecture that Alex Moulton gave a while back.

Here's that suprising Land Rover decal.
And here's that proud Moulton head badge. On a side note, you can see what the owner really values in life by the size of the small cable locking the front wheel, and the massive lock on the Brookes saddle haha.

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