Sunday, 12 September 2010

BSA blast from the past

Last week I posted this BSA Sport bicycle that I saw chained up in London. I mentioned the heritage of BSA as the Birmingham Small Arms company, but strangely it wasn't until a few days later that I remembered another BSA that I was familiar with. My BSA.
This was in fact the last bike of my childhood, that last mountain bike of your young teens that for a lot of people signals the end of the cycling life, but for me led to a transition into road bikes and other bits and pieces. This particular BSA isn't of any notable vintage though, it seems to come at a time when BSA had a become a subdivision of Raleigh bikes, although still being manufactured in England. The head badge is a sticker, and the whole experience is a bit underwhelming.

The local bike shop did include a nice badge of their own though.
So here it is, the last bike of my youth and a bit of a sad end to the BSA brand.

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