Thursday, 2 September 2010

The Bicycle Safari is on the move again

When the Bicycle Safari first set up camp and started hunting old, interesting or gross bicycles found on the streets, the action was focused on the southern Swedish town of Lund. This was great, because it was full of rusting old heaps of bicycles.
Next up was a little trip to the Danish capital of Köpenhamn (Copenhagen) where we spotted an old English bicycle and that was pretty rad too. There were also a lot of super interesting modern urban bicycles, but I didn't take any pictures of those, so you'll just have to follow the link in the Copenhagen post if you want to look at those.
After a quick stop back in Lund again, The Safari ventured north to the Swedish capital of Stockholm, where this Bianchi was a nice spot, and this Husqvarna proved popular.

But now... now, we take to the sky and to a whole new island. The Bicycle Safari is setting up it's tents, unpacking it's rifles cameras and taking a look around the city of London.

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