Monday, 27 September 2010

The Classic Nottingham Raleigh Bike

I've been talking about the kind of bikes that you find in Nottingham. The old Raleigh factory works means that there's this huge amount of classic British steel sitting around in the local bike racks. I spotted this one, and just thought, what a great example of the breed!
This little detail on the front fender is great. I've seen a few examples of brands putting little mascots or emblems on the front fender and this has that same feel.
This era of Raleigh's all carry the Made in Nottingham badge somewhere. Even if it wasn't always 100% true!
A very golden version of the Raleigh head tube logo.
From Nottingham, this bike was taken to London to be sold by E.Q. Bates cycles, and then later brought back up to it's place of origin haha.
Some casual pinstriping.
And there we have it, classic British Nottingham Raleigh.

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