Friday, 3 September 2010

Beautiful Peugeot bicycles of the world

What better way to start The Bicycle Safari's stay in London than with the distant relative of a bike we saw back in Lund! The wonderfully green twin sitting on the streets of Sweden sported a fun little front rack and even stylish brakes, but this London version is a lot more straight forward.
I think the stuck on lug patterns are super kitsch, but they do add the bike. Especially with such a nice Peugeot badge up front.

The Peugeot lettering is doing better than the poor fender which seems to have suffered a fold!

'Record du Monde' , a world record... in, something?

A nice touch on this English cousin is the use of the classic Sturmey Archer three speed hub and shifter. These are everywhere in Britain, and makes the Peugeot a little more Anglified.

Living on the mean streets of London.

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