Monday, 24 January 2011

Vintage Dawes has a sparkle in it's wheel nuts

Something this bicycle has surprised me with, is that it's the first Dawes I've inducted into the Bicycle Safari hunting cabinet. Dawes is a pretty massive brand here in Britain, and from taking a look at the ever lengthening list of bike brands over on the right, you'd presume it'd be up there with the Monarks, Peugeots, Raleighs and Husqvarna bicycles that have been featured here before.

But it's not! So here's the first Dawes, with a nice embossed head badge, stuck to the classic lugged steel frame, in this case finished in perhaps a questionable shade of brown.

But I think the nicest little touch on it is the starred wheel nuts. Quite a nice vintage touch, which you from time to time.


  1. I have a vintage Dawes, somewhat older than the one that you have pictured and apart from acurately dating it, which is something pre 1952, there's just a little problem with identifying the gear change mechanism. French I believe - maybe Os Gear? Can I send you a picture and maybe you could help with my query? Or maybe one of the site visitors can help.
    Yours - twowisebirds

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