Monday, 17 January 2011

Awesome Vintage Peugeot Racer Bicycle

Peugeot are usually the least disappointing bicycle for me to spot when I'm out thinking, hmm probably should find something rad for the Bicycle Safari. You see some brightly coloured graphic heavy racer, like this unbelievably pink Peugeot I saw a while back, and all it's logos, lettering and stripes are great. Here's another example to add to the Safari archives. Another headtube to be mounted on the wall.

Peuegots of this era just have so much class about their design.

They're often built of vague and interesting materials, such as Carbolite 103 in this case!

They seem to remain strangely clean, I'm not sure what that means about the owners, but it's not often that I see a dirty one.

They're suitably proud of being a Peugeot...

..stripes and all!

And they generally outclass anything else left in the bike rack. In this case watch how easily this Peuegot outshines my hateful Raleigh mixte beater in the background! Have a click on the Peugeot section on the left to see the whole Bicycle Safari hunting collection of classic Peugeot bikes.

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  1. 103 carbolite was first price steel.....