Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Motoconfort Single Speed Conversion

So after the singlespeed On One bike of Monday being a bit of a turn of focus for the Bicycle Safari, how about this for some kind of middle ground. Just like the Motoconfort I spotted whilst over in Barcelona the frozen snow covered Nottingham also has one to offer!

Proof that this is a Motoconfort frame.

A Junior Sport GL to be precise.

But one that's been converted over to be a modern styled single speed with some reasonably tasteful deep V white wheels.

I think they pull it off well! You still have these great old bike elements, like the logos the graphics and general style.

But as an old bike rider myself I know the day-to-day hassles faced by running an older bikes mechanicals everyday, so maybe a nice simple modern re-interpretation is a good way to extend the life of an older bike?

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  1. single speed mountain bikes are cool. i don't mind it even if kills me as long as it is not concern about going up in a terrain. :)

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