Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Steyr Clubman perfect vintage town bike

It never ceases to amaze me the bikes you find sitting around. This is a near mint condition vintage Steyr, apparently being at least occasionally used as someone's daily transport? Unusual and brilliant.

In particular it's the Steyr Clubman!

Some nice foil on the logo graphics.

Rad rad rad.

The brakes also seemed worthy of a mention.

But then again, so did the rear mudguard!
A bit of time warp.


  1. I remember brakes like that! Its a great colour too. :))

  2. I just found A Steyr (Clubman) serial# 4540183.Would like to know more about the bike.I know it was made in Austria. It seems to be in good shape.

  3. I had found a clubman in tact.All original,lights,the works.It was at a nonprofit that collected bikes to riase money for anti drig awareness.Anyways.It was stripped down to nothing.I now have the frame.How hard would it be to find forks?

  4. My Dad literally just gave one of these away today, has piano gears and everything.

  5. I have one of these which I purchased in about 1971 - they had very
    attractive yellow/gold/mottled plastic mudguards from new which
    looked great with the dark green paint...sadly they eventually fell
    apart, as is the way with such things. I got mine converted to a
    cotterless crank after a few months of buying it. It now resides
    in my shed & is pretty rough, but is about to be listed on ebay..

  6. I have one of those in that color but it is in pieces right now. I was thinking about making a single speed out of it as it has no cable guides on the frame. Mine is a little older also as it has the metal head badge on it, and a different decal on the seat tube.