Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Bicycle Registration Plate

Here's a bit of an unusual one. Someone with a registration number for the bicycle! Now I know this must be common practice in a few countries round the globe, but not ones that the Bicycle Safari has gone to visit yet! So seeing a plated little 20 inch wheeled folder in the middle of Barcelona was an interesting find!
The date on the bicycle number plate is from 1978, so doesn't seem like they're keeping up with their links to the system!

It's sitting on a very neat little folding bike, nicely customized.

Especially with this strange little skull sticker, which I've spotted on a few bikes over here in Barcelona. Anyone know where it's from?


  1. According to sub-section (6) of section 41,on or after commencement of this rule, the registration mark referred to shall be displayed both at the front, rear and windshield of all vehicles clearly and legibly in the form of security license plate of the following specifications, namely.

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  3. I have plates as well, but they are just for show. They say Izmer since I live in Turkey and they look official. Oddly it is also on a 20" folder I planned to paint much for being original. I bought the plates online and they are from the 1950's when Wheaties put them in cereal boxes and kids collected them to display on the back of their bikes. They can be bought on ebay and attached with very small zip cord or metal rings. There are also other small license plates from other types of vehicles that the rider could have used. I doubt that it is a registered bicycle with a 1978 tag, but it certainly looks cool and you can't get more customized than being the lone bike with plates. So jealous they have a frame for their's :(