Friday, 20 May 2011

The Viscount is head of the badges.

So after an epic break in posting, here's a little something to keep the gears spinning, the pedals turning and all moving parts well greased. I only keep this blog for fun and to share the cool stuff, so when my work load goes crazy, I don't want it to become another chore.

But here's a Viscount head badge!

Neat neat neat! Normal posting will resume soon, with the usual mix of retro, vintage and weird bikes, as well as three new bike builds and details of an exciting pan-European bike trip!

Ride old bikes forever!


  1. "Hand Crafted in..." in where?!

  2. Hand Crafted in England apparently!

    And on the down tube it also says, 'Hand Crafted By Trusty of England', which sounds reassuring?

  3. I remember Viscount. It had fake components that copied other manufacturers' components. The company must have lost a lot of money by not making enough to pay for the molds, etc.

  4. Hello Lawrence, I've really enjoyed reading this blog. Have you got a new one somewhere else or any plans to return to this?

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  6. How about trip to Ladakh India on Bicycles