Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Peugeot Nouveau Folding Shopper Bike

Another bike from the bike sale on the green today. This one's a little 20 inch wheeled folding shopper bike from Peugeot... the Nouveau!

One of the nicest old Peugeot logos I've seen for a while.

Some 'Nouveau' touches!

Old Peugeot bike lettering.

And a neat little lamp.

A sensible vintage Peugeot folder!


  1. Hi,
    nice looking bicycle. You may find that your tires a closer to 24 inches than 20 (550A or I.S.O. 490). I've been able to squeeze I.S.O 507 wheels onto mine (replacing the steel rims and the front brake helps braking).

  2. Interesting! I hadn't noticed that, but now you mention it the wheels do look too large to take 20 inch tyres. How do you find the ride quality compared to a 20 inch wheel?

  3. Such a pretty bike! May I know how much it is worth? Thanks!


  4. They were trying to sell it for around £79 GBP, I'm not sure if anyone actually paid that though! I would guess a bit less than that.

  5. Wao I just bought the same bicycle the last week. But I live in Colombia and i can't find the original tires and wheels. Although I don't know how I should use it. It has in the middle of the mark something like a box. Do you know what is it used for?
    If you have something that can help me to enjoy my new bicycle it would be great.
    Thanks. Daniel Bustos. daniel_15dsb@hotmail.com

  6. hey hey.I recently found one of these on the hard rubbish. You can check my blog for updates on the rebuild.




  7. i have this exact bike (but green). The tires are actually 22" by 1 3/8"... I wasn't able to find tires or tubes in this size ANYWHERE... METRIC BE DAMNED! One of the fellas in town suggested I try a wheelchair supply store for tubes and tires in metric sizing and it worked out perfectly! Not only did I find replacements but they were SUPER inexpensive (a pair of tires and tubes came to $40 canadian).

  8. Haha What a lucky twist! Yeah looking back at it, they don't quite look like 20" tyres. Hope the wheelchair tyres are up to scratch!

  9. this looks AWESOME. i'm looking at buying one of these second-hand for my dad - just wondering if anyone had any advice on what they're like to ride? my dad is 70 and probably needs something comfortable and easy to ride/cruise on. thoughts?

    i have a MK4 chopper .nd was wondering how this would compare. Cheers,

  10. Hi guys,
    has this bike got any aluminum parts at all?
    Ive been asked this and I am not sure..
    it looks like it hasnt got any but just wanted to confirmed.

  11. Hi All, got a couple of these. Tyres & tubes are readily available very cheaply via Ebay - not nice white-walls, but ok all the same. They came in fixed-gear, 3-speed & 5-speed versions - mine are both 5-speed. I'm hoping to eventually reproduce the original red tail-light lens - most Pug folders are missing the rear light, these days..... If anyone's interested, express your interest to me at wombat200@hotmail.com . No promises on time-frames, but it's an easy process & if I make a few it's cheaper for everyone.... Rob.

  12. I have a blue Peugeot folder with rear brakes missing. Can you provide some description of what brakes are used in the back near the bottom bracket? Are they center pull, and do they attach with two bolts, one on each side? My front are Bebo Sport I side pull brakes.

  13. A white Peugeot folder from the mid 70's just came through our bike shop for servicing. No model name on the frame but read that they were called the Weekender. Tires were dry rotted but we were able to fit 20" tires off the shelf. A rear rack is integrated into the frame and the bike has fenders, an add on front rack, 2 speed (kickback style), bottle style generator and front head lamp (rear lamp completely gone). And yes, the bike's heavy.


  14. It looks nice, I have seen a few comments about the tire size, it's excatly 22''. The model is PNSL 22 where "P" stands for the French word "pliable" which means foldable or folding and "NS" for Nouveau Style and "L" is the model, and last 22 is the wheel size. This version had been first introduced on 1974 with a key hole on the main tobe of the frame close to the head tube which contains a lock for the steering.