Thursday, 3 March 2011

Classic Condor, a lugged, hacked and loved? bike

Using an old bike as a daily commuter is very cool. It's sustainable, practical and sometimes classy. Especially when you've got a sweet lugged classic Condor frame like this!

The usual rad head badge logo!


I say it's a nice Condor frame, because some of the great details like this hand painted seat stay end.

And old Condor logo text, don't seem to fit with what you see on the rest of the bike!

Sticking out from the cockpit like a branch off a tree, is this bar grip shifter! A strange addition to a classic road bike you might think.

But when you've added a modern internal hubbed gear on the back too, it makes a bit more sense! How great to keep an older bike going through the modernisation and upgrade of some select parts! Ride Old Bikes Forever!


  1. Hi! Beautiful picts! I was looking about Husqvarna bikes and I found the blog.
    In fact I'm interested in buying a Monark 10 here in Brasil and nearby me I found this:

    I think it's not the original painting, any comments? Thanks!

  2. Looks nice! I bet it will need some love and care to get in running just right, but there are good guides online, and maybe it might be some fun!

    If you do restore it, send some pics to me and I could put them on the safari!