Monday, 19 July 2010

Crescent Världsmästarcykeln

The labels Världsmästarcykeln and Svenskt kvalitetsfabrikat pop up on quite a few of the older bicycles that have been made in Sweden. They do hold some cache in terms of the manufacturing process that's behind the bicycle. But mostly I think they're pretty funny for non Swedish speakers to try and type into google... 's...v..e.n..s...k...t... wait no, is that right?', even better when they then realise that to avoid Särskrivning the whole thing's got to be written as one word!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Vintage bicycle logos by the bucket load

Ok so here's something a bit different from the usual collection of rad bicycles found on the streets of Sweden. This blog has become a bit focused on the graphics and logos that you find on these great old bikes, so why not celebrate that by actually turning them back into sweet graphics. Getting rid of the rust, scratches, abuse and grime that they face on the streets.

To appreciate where these are from click the link below them to see the original bike rusting and rotting away somewhere.

This red Monark goes back to when I first started collecting pictures of these bikes it remains one of my favourites.

Svenskt kvalitets fabrikat badges are always great to spot around.

Super simple but effective Fram king logo here.

Again another less usual kind of logo from Weserkrone, but one that does really work for it's differences.

India also gets a look in, with this Hero cycle that somehow had made it from the subcontinent to the harsh streets of Sweden.

Monday, 12 July 2010

The Double Header

Here's a rad Rex logo I spotted sitting around in Lund.

And here's a rad Mustang logo I spotted not so long after.

Because this is how they're living. Two lots of awesome all nestled up against each other.

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

The Crescent Positron

Bicycle naming usually does not become extreme, you'll find a lot of 'city rider' or 'explorer' or maybe even a 'tour de luxe'. But in this case Crescent has broken new ground.
I had to look up what a Positron is, as my particle physics knowledge isn't too hot. But naming your new bicycle design after the anti-matter equivalent of the electron.... that's good work. Even better to have reached number 5 in this series!

Monday, 5 July 2010

The carnival leaves town

I should have posted this when it was a bit more current, as the Lund Karneval finished a while back now. But after the tents had been packed up, the sideshows closed, the stages moved, the circus performers rounded up... one object got left behind.
Maybe it was used in some test your strength, or spin your speed challenge, maybe it was used to power something? Whatever its history, now it just sits next to a bush, unmovable and useless, but still looking happy.