Monday, 19 July 2010

Crescent Världsmästarcykeln

The labels Världsmästarcykeln and Svenskt kvalitetsfabrikat pop up on quite a few of the older bicycles that have been made in Sweden. They do hold some cache in terms of the manufacturing process that's behind the bicycle. But mostly I think they're pretty funny for non Swedish speakers to try and type into google... 's...v..e.n..s...k...t... wait no, is that right?', even better when they then realise that to avoid Särskrivning the whole thing's got to be written as one word!


  1. I have one of those...bright orange circa 1970...extremely light and fast, and impossible to pronounce "VarldsMastarCykeln". I think Crescent made good bikes :)

    1. OMG didnt think anyone else would have the orange one! !

  2. Sander F. van Hest19 October 2012 at 20:22

    I live in Holland and I love older bikes – I ride a 1953 Gazelle Nº1– and last week I saw one of these Crescent –pronounce 'worldmaster'- bikes for the first time ever.

    How cute, sleek, pretty and sexy a bike that is!
    I am allready half way in love with the owner, although I havent even seen her, ever.

    One of the best features is the folding aluminium handle halfway on the saddle tube: very beautiful, and practical on a daily basis.

    Also the way the construction of the front fender doubles as decortion is heartbreakingly beautiful, technically as well as practically and esthetically.

    Beauatiful bicycle, love at fitrs sight! (Blue as the one above.)

    Cheers! Sorry for my love, don's worry, I'm not a stalker, or worse. (Wanna ride my bike?)