Thursday, 15 July 2010

Vintage bicycle logos by the bucket load

Ok so here's something a bit different from the usual collection of rad bicycles found on the streets of Sweden. This blog has become a bit focused on the graphics and logos that you find on these great old bikes, so why not celebrate that by actually turning them back into sweet graphics. Getting rid of the rust, scratches, abuse and grime that they face on the streets.

To appreciate where these are from click the link below them to see the original bike rusting and rotting away somewhere.

This red Monark goes back to when I first started collecting pictures of these bikes it remains one of my favourites.

Svenskt kvalitets fabrikat badges are always great to spot around.

Super simple but effective Fram king logo here.

Again another less usual kind of logo from Weserkrone, but one that does really work for it's differences.

India also gets a look in, with this Hero cycle that somehow had made it from the subcontinent to the harsh streets of Sweden.

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  1. Wow! Those look amazing! You've thoroughly piqued my interest in obscure Scandinavian bicycles. Too bad there aren't too many laying around here in Indiana...