Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Puch Mini shopper bike bags up best spot

This is a little Puch 20 inch wheeled shopper bike. Quite a nice set up overall, it's got that feel of a bike that was kitted out back-in-the-day with some lights, a front rack, white wall tyres, the works. But one that has since slipped into disrepair and the gradual return to iron oxide.

But I don't think that's any bad thing really. Perfectly preserved bikes are the bikes that don't get ridden. This is obviously serving a very utilitarian purpose, and so someone's getting a lot more life out of it!

The usual rad vintage bike logos adorn this one.

This one also carries a 'made in Austria' badge, for Puch's old manufacturing base.

But talking of this being a shopper bike, let's share that sweet advantage at the shops that a bike has over a car. You can park it a fair bit closer to the door! haha


  1. well theres probably still a good few years in the old girl yet and its probably better than some of the cheap heavywheights on the market that are designed to be thrown away after the first year

  2. just bought a Puch Mini on Ebay for £20. All original - tyres, brakes, cables, bell, working dynamo. great piece of history.