Saturday, 30 October 2010

Triumph 20 with matching luggage

Delayed from yesterday when I was mad busy, here's a little Triumph 20 shopper bike. These 20 inch wheeled bikes were made popular back in the day, and really they make a lot of sense. By having these smaller wheels you do reduce the potential top speed of the bike, but with that trade off you get much better acceleration from a stop and a reduction in the force needed to progress along at lower speeds. Ideal for city use then! It's why the folding bikes being made now by the likes of Brompton and Dahon with the smaller wheels make so much sense.
I really appreciate the matching luggage that came with this old Triumph.

A sweet little 20 inch rear fender with that nice round reflector...

And the usual awesome Triumph bicycle logo!

Some nice lettering...

And a claim of being a registered design, tops it off!


  1. I got a triumph 20 bike for my Christmas in 1968 greatest wee bike I ever had. Thanks for posting.

  2. hello to all
    just been given a Triumph 20 by the family of a friend of mine ho sadly passed away in July as back in march this year before he sadly left us i asked him what are you going to do with this 20 his reply was its going in the skip he has no use for it i was put back by that comment so i asked him if i could have it he agreed but later on in the year he became poorly sadly passed way so now i have it to go with my triumph car so i hope to start using it