Thursday, 19 August 2010

The Puch Calypso Bicycle

Perhaps Puch was trying to soften its image a bit when it brought out the Calypso bicycle.
Perhaps the friendly happy 'Calypso' graphic was meant to make the bike extra fun and appealing to young people?
The flowery surround for the normal Puch badge, meant to soften the edges, invite you to have fun?

Really though it just looks like another very sensible, reasonable and straight forward steel framed 3-speed. We've seen another sensible, reasonable steel Puch on the Safari before and this one is just as nice, and I do like the Calypso graphics really!

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  1. i have been reading quite awhile now about bikes and I always find this type of bike so amuzing. I imagine that myself would be cute like those korean movies that I see on movies together with their leading man. <3 :)

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