Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Supreme Monark

An old Monark is always a good place to spot a great old bicycle logo like this. Deterioration at its best!


  1. Hi there. Cool blog. Am trying to track down my new bike make/ age etc. No luck on internet searches so far. It's Swedish but with a German Fichtel and Sachs Torpedo hub.

    Got some pics of it here:

    Hope you can help!

  2. Hello Emma,

    I've had a look through my old photos for anything similar, but nothing has caught my eye. The photo of the logo with the winged wheel wearing a crown rings a bell, but I can't think where from... any of the bikes I've looked at I guess!

    My only hunch would be that it's an old Mustang. The missing badge from the chain guard seems to be the right shape for a Mustang logo, and the old mustang I have also has a Sachs Torpedo hub, so that's my best guess I'm afraid.

    Hope this helps,